The Thing With Feathers: A Dresden Files Tale

March 1, 2013


Search for missing girl in second week
Authorities stumped as leads dry up

Anne Croyle
Plain Dealer Reporter

Strong initial leads in the case of missing nine year-old Cleveland girl Nadia Morgan have failed to yield results according to Cleveland Police. Police officials have issued a statement urging the public not to panic, in the wake of spreading suspicions that this may mark a resurgence of the serial killings which claimed the lives of five children last Sept- ember. “While we aren’t ruling anything out, there is no evidence to suggest this is connected to the those tragic deaths.” Cleveland Police Detective Ron Adams said during yesterday’s press conference. Adams said that at this time no Federal law enforcement agencies are involved in the investigation, and declined to comment on whether or not Cleveland Police plans to seek assistance from the FBI. The girl was last seen just over a week ago leaving William Holmes Mcguffy el- ementary school, where she is enrolled. In a statement issued on Wednesday, Cleve- land Municipal School District officials stressed their concern for the safety of their students. Efforts to contact school administrators or the girl’s mother for further comment have not been returned.


March 1, 2013

OOC – Ok, this? This is spectacular, Rostiphan. Really cool.

March 1, 2013

OOC – There’s a couple more easter eggs on the page there. I’ll post text if you find them ~

March 1, 2013
Rostiphan Rostiphan

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