Adelaide Fisk

Supernatural Combat Librarian


High Concept: Supernatural Combat Librarian
Trouble: The Family Business
- Family Heirloom: Wakizashi
- The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.
- Take my advice…
- Monsters know my name.
- I read that in a book once.


Adelaide is a member of a centuries old supernatural investigation group. Her Family (official name, if any, unknown) originated as a group of Romani traveling the border between Poland and Germany who took it upon themselves to investigate supernatural occurrences and protect the innocent from supernatural threats. The organization that now exists formalized in the mid 1800s of the descendents of the original group and allies they had accumulated through friendship, marriage, and adoption. Small groups of them immigrated to various parts of the United States in the early 1900s.

Adelaide is of mixed Caucasian/Japanese descent, but she was adopted as an infant by a couple who are Family members. She now runs a novelty bookstore in Coventry that has long been one of her Family’s fronts in Cleveland. She usually specializes in the information gathering branch of the Family Business, but she is also capable in combat.

Adelaide Fisk

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